Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Largest Athropods

     I found this picture posted in someone's blog. So I would like to share with you all guys. Its amazing. This biggest lobster had been caught in a year of 1926 in Maine weighing 23.36 kilograms equivalent to 51.5 lb. The total of measurements was 1. 28 meters and measured 83.8 centimeters (33 inch) from the nose to the part of tail. Incredible creature!!

     An American lobster also known as Homarus americanus is actually the second biggest species of arthropod ever documented. Based on the Guinness World Records, the biggest lobster had been caught in a year of 1977 in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

    The weight of this giant lobster was 20.5 kilograms equivalent to 44.4 pounds and measured 3 ft 6 in . from the tip of the largest claw to the end of the tail. The estimation age of this giant lobster is 50 years old. It had been marketed to a restaurant in New York city. Over the million years ago, lobsters were caught and measured 5 to 6 feet long. Nowadays about 3 or 4 lb lobster is considered to be a great sized feast.

   On the picture above is supposed to be this species of the giant lobster, I can not find the origin of the images, however it was said in several internet websites to be a Nova Scotia's lobster.

" Rocky Lobster" was holds by Aimee Hayden Roderiques (Maine State Aquarium Director) in a year of 2012

   Robert Malone, the person who caught this giant lobster in his final trawlers of the year. He donated "Rocky Lobster" to the Marine State Aquarium, exactly where he had been caught Rocky right after the city of Rockland, around the place where he was caught this giant massive creature.

    Rocky was measured 27 lb equivalent to 12.25 kilograms and approximately measured 101.6 centimeters (40 inch) in length. The Maine State Aquarium made the decision to release Rocky (Thank God.....!! :D ), because of Rocky' s unpredictable over all size and also the possibility this biggest lobsters will produce a lot more offspring with more significant survival rates. One important thing is they do not know regarding to the Rocky' s age.

   Rather than ending up in a boiling hot water, luckily for Rocky, the proper rights is actually had been served - not somebody's dinner party. LOL....

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